Psalm 73

Words:Isaac Watts

C.M.    (There are L.M and S.M. versions below.)

Part 1. 
Afflicted saints happy, and prosperous sinners cursed. 
   1  Now I 'm convinced the Lord is kind
         To men of heart sincere;
      Yet once my foolish thoughts repined,
         And bordered on despair.

   2  I grieved to see the wicked thrive,
         And spoke with angry breath,
      "How pleasant and profane they live !
         How peaceful is their death !

   3  "With well-fed flesh and haughty eyes,
         They lay their fears to sleep;
      Against the heav'ns their slanders rise,
         While saints in silence weep.

   4  "In vain I lift my hands to pray,
         And cleanse my heart in vain;
      For I am chastened all the day,
         The night renews my pain."

   5  Yet while my tongue indulged complaints,
         I felt my heart reprove,
      "Sure I shall thus offend thy saints,
         And grieve the men I love."

   6  But still I found my doubts too hard,
         The conflict too severe,
      Till I retired to search thy word,
         And learn thy secrets there.

   7  There, as in some prophetic glass,
         I saw the sinner's feet
      High mounted on a slipp'ry place,
         Beside a fiery pit.

   8  I heard the wretch profanely boast,
         Till at thy frown he fell;
      His honors in a dream were lost,
         And he awakes in hell. 

   9  Lord, what an envious fool I was!
         How like a thoughtless beast
      Thus to suspect thy promised grace,
         And think the wicked blessed.

  l0  Yet I was kept from full despair,
         Upheld by power unknown;
      That blessed hand that broke the snare
         Shall guide me to thy throne.
C.M.   PART 2 - v. 23--28 
God our portion here and hereafter.

   1  God, my supporter and my hope,
         My help for ever near,
      Thine arm of mercy held me up,
         When sinking in despair.

   2  Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide my feet
         Through this dark wilderness;
      Thine hand conduct me near thy seat,
         To dwell before thy face.

   3  Were I in heav'n without my God,
         'twould be no joy to me;
      And whilst this earth is my abode,
         I long for none but thee.

   4  What if the springs of life were broke,
         And flesh and heart should faint?
      God is my soul's eternal rock,
         The strength of ev'ry saint.

   5  Behold, the sinners that remove
         Far from thy presence die;
      Not all the idol gods they love
         Can save them when they cry.

   6  But to draw near to thee, my God,
         Shall be my sweet employ;
      My tongue shall sound thy works abroad,
         And tell the world my joy.
L.M. v. 22, 3, 6, 17--20.
The prosperity of sinners cursed.

   1  Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I,
      To mourn, and murmur, and repine,
      To see the wicked placed on high,
      In pride and robes of' honour shine!

   2  But O their end, their dreadful end!
      Thy sanctuary taught me so;
      On slipp'ry rocks I see them stand,
      And fiery billows roll below.

   3  Now let them boast how tall they rise,
      I'll never envy them again;
      There they may stand with haughty eyes,
      Till they plunge deep in endless pain.

   4  Their fancied joys, how fast they flee!
      Just like a dream when man awakes;
      Their songs of softest harmony
      Are but a preface to their plagues.

   5  Now I esteem their mirth and wine
      Too dear to purchase with my blood;
      Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine,
      My life, my portion, and my God.
The mystery of providence unfolded.

   1     Sure there's a righteous God,
         Nor is religion vain;
      Though men of vice may boast aloud,
         And men of grace complain.

   2     I saw the wicked rise,
         And felt my heart repine,
      While haughty fools with scornful eyes
         In robes of' honor shine.

   3     Pampered with wanton ease,
         Their flesh looks full and fair;
      Their wealth rolls in like flowing seas,
         And grows without their care.

   4     Free from the plagues and pains
         That pious souls endure;
      Through all their life oppression reigns,
         And racks the humble poor.

   5     Their impious tongues blaspheme
         The everlasting God;
      Their malice blasts the good man's name,
         And spreads their lies abroad.

   6     But I with flowing tears
         Indulged my doubts to rise;
      "Is there a God that sees or hears
         The things below the skies?"

   7     The tumults of my thought
         Held me in hard suspense,
      Till to thy house my feet were brought,
         To learn thy justice thence.

   8     Thy word with light and power
         Did my mistake amend;
      I viewed the sinners' life before,
         But here I learned their end.

   9     On what a slippery steep
         The thoughtless wretches go;
      And O that dreadful fiery deep
         That waits their fall below!

  10     Lord, at thy feet I bow,
         My thoughts no more repine;
      I call my God my portion now,
         And all my powers are thine.

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