Psalm 85

Words: Isaac Watts

Note: There are also Long Metre and Hallelujah Metre versions on this page.

Long Metre Tunes
v. 1--8. Part 1.
Waiting for an answer to prayer; 
or, Deliverance begun and completed.
   1  Lord, thou hast called thy grace to mind,
      Thou hast reversed our heavy doom;
      So God forgave when Isr'el sinned,
      And brought his wand'ring captives home.
   2  Thou hast begun to set us free,
      And made thy fiercest wrath abate;
      Now let our hearts be turned to thee,
      And thy salvation be complete.
   3  Revive our dying graces, Lord,
      And let thy saints in thee rejoice;
      Make known thy truth, fulfill thy word;
      We wait for praise to tune our voice.
   4  We wait to hear what God will say;
      He'll speak, and give his people peace;
      But let them run no more astray,
      Lest his returning wrath increase.
v. 9,&c. PART 2.
Salvation by Christ.
   1  Salvation is for ever nigh
      The souls that fear and trust the Lord
      And grace descending from on high
      Fresh hopes of glory shall afford.
   2  Mercy and truth on earth are met,
      Since Christ the Lord came down from heav'n
      By his obedience so complete,
      Justice is pleased, and peace is giv'n.
   3  Now truth and honor shall abound,
      Religion dwell on earth again,
      And heav'nly influence bless the ground
      In our Redeemer's gentle reign.
   4  His righteousness is gone before
      To give us free access to God;
      Our wand'ring feet shall stray no more,
      But mark his steps and keep the road.
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