Psalm 1

Words: Isaac Watts

Short Metre Tunes

  1    The man is ever bless'd
       Who shuns the sinners' ways,
    Among their councils never stands,
       Nor takes the scorner's place;

  2    But makes the law of God
       His study and delight,
    Amidst the labours of the day,
       And watches of the night.

  3    He like a tree shall thrive,
       With waters near the root;
    Fresh as the leaf his name shall live;
       His works are heav'nly fruit.

  4    Not so the ungoodly race,
       They no such blessings find;
    Their hopes shall flee, like empty chaff
       Before the driving wind.

  5    How will they bear to stand
       Before that judgement-seat,
    When all the saints, at Christ's right hand,
       In full assembly meet.

  6    He knows, and he approves,
       The way the righteous go;
    But sinners and their works shall meet
       A dreadful overthrow.

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