Psalm 46

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

8's 888 888 (113th)

   1  God is our refuge in distress,
      a present help when dangers press;
         In him undaunted we'll confide:
 2,3  Though earth were from her center tossed, 
      and mountains in the ocean lost,
         Torn piece-meal by the roaring tide.

   4  A gentler stream with gladness still
      the city of our Lord shall fill,
         The royal seat of God most high:
   5  God dwells in Zion, whose fair tow'rs 
      shall mock th' assaults of earthly pow'rs,
         While his almighty aid is nigh.

   6  In tumults when the heathen raged,
      and kingdoms war against us waged,
         He thundered, and dispersed their pow'rs:
   7  The Lord of hosts conducts our arms, 
      our tow'r of refuge in alarms,
         Our fathers' guardian God and ours.

   8  Come see the wonders he hath wrought,
      on earth what desolation brought;
         How he has calmed the jarring world:
   9  He broke the warlike spear and bow;
      with them the thund'ring chariots too
         Into devouring flames were hurled.

  10  Submit to God's almighty sway, 
      for him the heathen shall obey,
         And earth her sov'reign Lord confess:
  11  The God of hosts conducts our arms,
      our tow'r of refuge in alarms,
         As to our fathers in distress.

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