Psalm 15

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

There is also a Common Metre version of this Psalm on this page

7s Metre Tunes
   1  O Jehovah, who shall dwell
      In the temple of thy grace?
      Who shall on thy holy hill
      Have a fixed abiding place?
   2  He who walks in righteousness,
      All his actions just and clear;
      He whose words the truth express
      Spoken from a heart sincere;
   3  He who ne'er with slandering tongue
      Utters malice and deceit;
      Who will ne'er his neighbor wrong,
      Nor a slanderous tale repeat:
   4  Who the impious will spurn,
      Honor those that fear the Lord;
      Though he to his loss have sworn,
      Will not break his plighted word;
   5  Who no usury will claim,
      Nor with bribes pollute his hand;
      He who thus his life shall frame,
      Shall unmoved forever stand.
Common Metre Tunes
   1  Within thy tabernacle, Lord,
         Who shall abide with thee?
      And in thy high and holy hill
         Who shall a dweller be?
   2  The man who walketh uprightly,
         And worketh righteousness,
      And as he thinketh in his heart,
         So doth he truth express:
   3  Who neither slanders with his tongue,
         Nor to his friend doth hurt;
      Nor yet against his neighbor doth
         Take up an ill report.
   4  In whose eyes vile men are despised;
         But those that God do fear
      He honoreth; and changeth not,
         Though to his hurt he swear.
   5  His coin puts not to usury,
         Nor take a bribe will he
      Against the guiltless. Who doth thus
         Unmoved shall ever be.

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