Hallelujah - Psalms that may have been sung at the Last Supper The Hallelujah, Psalms 113-118, they sang an hymn

The Hallelujah!
Psalms 113-118

Psalms 113 through 118 have always been a significant part of traditional Jewish Paschal (Passover) services. The first part, Psalms 113-114 are sung during the first part of the evening. Here are the Psalms from the first half of the Hallelujah!

Psalm 113, William Kethe, from the Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter (1562) Psalm 113, Isaac Watts
Psalm 114, The Scottish Psalter of 1650 Psalm 114, Isaac Watts

Psalms 115-118 were sung later in the evening, after
The Third and Fourth Cups

Immediately afterwards the third cup was drunk, a special blessing having been spoken over it. There cannot be any reasonable doubt that this was the cup which our Lord connected with His own Supper.

It is called in Jewish writings, just as by St. Paul (1 Cor 10:16), 'the cup of blessing,' partly because it and the first cup required a special 'blessing,' and partly because it followed on the 'grace after meat.'

The service concluded with the fourth cup, over which the second portion of the 'Hallel' was sung, consisting of Psalms 115, 116, 117, and 118,

Alfred Edersheim: The Temple: Its Ministry and Services
description of the final part of the traditional Paschal service
as it was conducted in Jesus time, and is still conducted today

And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. (Mat 26:30 NKJV)

The Bible does not record what hymn Jesus and the disciples sang at the end of that first Christian Passover meal. However, as the passage from Edersheim indicates, the traditional hymn for a proper Paschal service was the second part of the "Hallel" (the Hallelujah) which consists of Psalms 115-118.

With this thought in mind, we offer the following versions of Psalms 115-118, with a selection of music for singing. We especially recommend that you explore the latter part of Psalm 118, while keeping in mind that it could have been the hymn that Jesus and the disciples sang together.

Psalm 115, The Psalter Hymnal, 1927 Psalm 115:9-18 Psalms for Singing, c 1990
Psalm 116, The Bay Psalm Book 1640 Psalm 116, Brady and Tate
Psalm 117, Scottish Psalter of 1635 Psalm 117, Isaac Watts "From All Who Dwell Below the Skies"
Psalm 118, Scottish Psalter of 1635 Psalm 118, Presbyterian Psalter, 1887

It is important to remember that  since the Bible is silent on the subject, we can not know for certain what hymn was sung after that last supper. However, there is a fair amount of extra-Biblical evidence that points to it having been one (or possibly all) of the Psalms presented here.

We hope these have been edifying and have added to your Passover season.

You can find more information about the Christian Passover at:
The BibleStudy Website

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